The Holy Grail Chalice


                               (Excerpt from Beyond the 33rd Degree: The Quest for the Holy Grail)


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Jarrett Balderstone halted the purchase of another house on the New England coast.  It had been confirmed through a search of the historical archives in the local library that a member of the Balderstone family had owned the house in the 1800’s, and once again, Jarrett had hoped to find the family heirlooms secreted within it aged structure.  However, since hearing that a wampum belt depicting a man and woman holding hands had been found buried in the foundation of a house in Michigan, Jarrett decided to stop his search activities and concentrate on following up on this new information.


The wampum belt was one of the families most prized possessions as it dated back to the first Balderstone’s that settled Long Island, New York.  The Balderstone family had been one of the first families to settle Long Island by written decree of the English king and they shared the land with the native Delaware Indians who were warm and welcoming to the Balderstones.  


The first settler families had a great respect for the Delaware Indians and did not regard them as the uncivilized savages they had expected to find.  The Balderstones relied on their assistance to survive during their first years in the New World and a strong relationship was developed between the Balderstones and Delaware to the extent that there were marriages recorded between the Balderstone family and the Delaware Indians.  The first marriage between them was recorded and commemorated by the making of a wampum belt used by the Delaware Indians to capture significant social and treaty activities.  The belts were constructed of select seashells only found near Long Island and they were strung together and woven into patterns and shapes depicting the event and the belt was then worn on special occasions when the event was recalled and retold. 


Jarrett knew that this marriage belt was said to have been a component of his families collection of heirlooms, the collection of heirlooms that were designed to reveal his families ultimate and secret Templar connection and responsibility, the location of the Holy Grail Chalice! 


The Balderstones were among the wealthiest English settlers to make their way to New England.  They had brought with them more than their families Templar heritage and a pioneer spirit, as they had been entrusted to deliver a portion of the fabled Templar Treasure to the New World.  Jarrett’s ancestors had owned the original Rossbury Manor in Lincolnshire England where the priceless ancient treasure was stored and when the decision was made to move his charge to New England, he sold his English manor house, said goodbye to his Templar brothers and sailed for the New World.  Upon settling on Long Island, Jarrett’s ancestors named the new manor house that was built, Rossbury Manor to mark the trail of the treasure for those who would come after them.


Through the passage of time, the location of the clues left to direct a worthy Grail Knight to the Holy Grail Chalice was lost, and a hundred years had passed before anyone began searching for them. 


At Jarrett’s first meeting with Cardinal Salvatore Romano, he had been taught the higher significance of the location of the Holy Grail Chalice.  He had learned that the chalice was the final piece of Templar Treasure to be located to complete the collection of spiritually potent objects sought after to achieve control of the world during the establishment of a New World Order.  The Cardinal explained how he felt their destinies were tied together.  He told him that his ultimate destiny in Rome could not be realized until Jarrett fulfilled his destiny of locating his family’s heirlooms, and subsequently the object of the Cardinal’s desires, the Holy Grail Chalice. 


Cardinal Romano initiated Jarrett into an understanding of the full potency of his Templar and Masonic roots including the Templar secret, the ultimate Templar Plan, and the gift of extra sensory perception that the Cardinal felt he alone possessed to fulfill this plan.  He encouraged Jarrett to join him in claiming exalted positions in this coming New World Order that he was convinced would emerge as soon as he had the Grail Chalice in his hands and could wield the spiritual powers held by the artifact.


Jarrett scrolled the speed dial menu of his cell phone and placed a direct call to his operative on the ground who had been directed to pursue the two men who had located the Balderstone Box and may have the marriage belt in their possession.  He stopped at the number for Dismas, and pushed the call button.  He was anxious for an update, he was anxious to fulfill his destiny!