The Spear of Destiny


         (Excerpt from Beyond the 33rd Degree: The Quest for the Grail)


          a 119  b 


The only sound that could be heard in the semi-darkness of the hotel room was the voice of Samael Saboda as she chanted the incantation to the spirit of the Nganga, her magical cauldron, as she performed the Palo Mayombe spell to dominate an individual. 

Before her on the desk was the black wax image candle with the name of Franz Eisler carved into it in three different locations.  She anointed the wax image with the domination oil and tied a piece of the napkin that Fanz had used at the café to wipe his mouth with, using the red thread, winding it many times around the image.  The twelve small red candles surrounding the image were nearly burned out.  When the last flicker of the last red candle burned out, the spell would bind the named individual and Franz would be totally dominated by the power of the priestess. 

The spell was cast and the spirit of her Nganga enveloped the already fragile persona of Franz Eisler, night watchman at the Imperial Treasury.

As Sam put away the items used in the ritual she checked the clock on the nightstand of her hotel room once more. Eleven pm on the dot!  She continued to pack her bags for the trip to New York, being careful to wrap the effigy she had made for the Midsummer Night bonfire on Long Island in a specially prepared, felt lined box before closing the lid.  She was impressed with the detail of this wicker baby.  The size, the feel, and the human bones, teeth, and hair from her Nganga combined to make this figurine very special. 


Salvatore will be pleased, she thought. 

As she placed the last few items in her tote bag, she silently marveled that she would partake in two Midsummers Eve rituals at midnight on the same night, but on two different continents, and she would utilize the occult power of each one.  The first use would be at the Shatzkammer Museum in Vienna as she took possession of the Spear of Destiny and the second use would be at the bonfire on Long Island New York, six hours later.  She would leave Vienna International Airport shortly after midnight Vienna time, and flying at over 700 miles an hour back through the time zones for six hours, she would land at Republic Airport on Long Island at midnight, New York time.  Two midnights on the same night, Midsummers Night!

She took one last look around the hotel room before closing the door and heading toward her Astin Martin.  After placing the tote bag and the felt lined box in the trunk, she headed off toward the museum with the replica spear tip in her shoulder bag.  She arrived at the rear door of the Shatzkammer precisely at 11:30 pm to find Franz Eisler, already spellbound, waiting outside the door searching for her.


“Hi Sam,” Franz said as he watched her approach wearing a form fitting black unitard.  Her black waist length hair was pulled forward and revealed only a small portion of her face.  She was nearly invisible in the darkness.


“Hello Franz,” she said as she kissed her two forefingers and placed them gently on his lips. This simple action took him by surprise and left him speechless, literally.  “I can’t thank you enough for helping me out in this way.”


Before he could respond, she quickly placed the same two forefingers on his forehead directly between his eyes and said something in Spanish.  Again, this simple action took Franz by surprise and not only left him speechless, but put him into a catatonic stupor resembling a hypnotic trance, and left him totally open to the suggestions of the Palero.


“Franz, please take me to the Spear of Destiny.”


Without saying a word, Franz opened the rear door to the museum and stepped back allowing Samael to enter the Shatzkammer Museum.  He silently led the way to the corner display case in Room 111 that held the Holy Lance and two other priceless relics.  One was a small cross made of wood and outlined in gold that is said to be a relic of the True Cross, and the other, centered in the glass case was a large jewel encrusted cross called the Imperial Cross, also said to contain bits of wood from the True Cross.


Sam’s attention was immediately drawn to the only true relic in the case, the iron nail encased in the body of the Spear of Destiny.  She was amazed at the resemblance of the spear in her shoulder bag to the original.   Professor Goldwin was a genius, she thought as she examined the fine details of the spear in the case.  


“Franz, please open the case so I may examine the spear.”


Franz Eisler, again without saying a word, unlocked the case with a small key from his ring, opened the glass door and stepped back allowing Sam full access to the relic.  He made no motion; he raised no objection, when Sam removed the replica spear made by Dr. Goldwin from the case in her bag and carefully replaced the original Spear of Destiny in the case with her exact duplicate.